10 Unexpected benefits when drinking beer

Creative, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, bones … the surprising benefits when you drink beer regularly.

1. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Beer is a beverage is good for heart health. According to a study by Italian doctors point out that people who drink beer every day could be reduced by 42% the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, you should only drink one or two cups daily.

2. Get inspired

Drinking beer does not make you smarter, but it increases creativity. A study in the journal Consciousness and Awareness was tested on 40 men and give results that people who drink beer can solve problems faster than usual.

10 lợi ích của bia
Those who drank beer can solve problems faster than usual.

3. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Dutch researchers analyzed the health of 38,000 men and concludes that the men started drinking regularly within 4 years are less likely to have diabetes type 2.

However, your dose of beer to prevent this disease should be between 2 to 3 cups a day.

4. Good for kidney

According to a study by Finnish scientists, who maintain regular beer may be reduced to 40% chance of getting kidney stones.

This study suggests that drinking beer can every day to help kidneys work better, more ingredients in beer will reduce the release of calcium from the bones, this is one of the causes of kidney stones.

5. Resuscitation quickly

The Spanish researchers have asked the students to do the exercise until the body temperature increases to 104 degrees, then to a group of drinking water, the other group drank beer.

Results showed that students who drink beer faster recuperation water drinkers.

10 lợi ích của bia
Beer helps you recuperate quickly.

6. Seeing more confident

British researchers concluded that people who drank more beer, the more they find themselves more attractive. Another study by the psychiatrist also said similar results.

Participants in the trial will be divided into two groups, one group remaining beer and drink only water, both prepared giving a presentation in public.

When asked about themselves self-assessment, the majority of beer drinkers have positive thoughts about themselves as they see themselves more handsome, clever and funnier, confident presentation to the crowd than those who drank water.


10 lợi ích của bia
Beer drinkers feel more confident about themselves.


7. Improve Vision

Canadian scientists say that if you drink a large glass of beer a day, will help boost antioxidant activity, preventing cataract formation in the eye. However the beer would be counterproductive if you drink more than 3 cups a day.

8. Reduce the risk of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is considered to be a serious disease, which can lead to sudden death. To reduce the risk of this disease, you can maintain a daily beer.

Researchers at Harvard University showed that people who drink beer regularly are less likely to develop the disease than those with high blood pressure who drink or cocktail.


10 lợi ích của bia
Beer reduces the risk of hypertension.

9. Anti-infection

Drink one to two glasses of beer every day can strengthen the immune system of the body and fight infection. According to a study by the University of Medicine and Science, while performing a cardiac test Vaccination against smallpox in monkeys.

After a heart-room, a group of monkeys will drink beer, drink the remaining sugar. The monkeys beer has responded positively to the vaccine but other monkeys. But for the monkeys beer overdose, they become drunk and did not seem to have a reaction to the vaccine.

10 lợi ích của bia
Beer helps make your bones stronger.


10. Preventing fractures

Two beer everyday can help make your bones stronger. The men drink 1-2 beers every day can increase the density of the fog muscled up to 4.5% compared with those who did not drink.

However if an overdose of this amount, can make your bones strong decrease down 5.2%.


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