Beer is good for health if taken correctly

Bia được biết đến là thức uống bổ dưỡng cho cơ thể nếu người uống có trách nhiệm, “uống có kiểm soát” và biết dừng đúng lúc để bảo vệ sự an toàn cho bản thân và mọi người.

According to the Association of Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Vietnam, beer is considered nutritious drinks that are high in sugar because, protein, fat and yeast … In addition, 90% of beer is water, followed by circuit dentist (also called malt) and from 16% to 19% is soluble molecules. Yeast is the main ingredient for the production of beer.

Live yeast commonly used as drugs in the case of the body fatigue, exhaustion, anemia, loss of appetite, slow growth, stress, neurological disorders … It also works to fight infections by strengthening immune system, is used as a food supplement for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also yeast live longer considered foods with high nutritional value and is a vector for uptake navigation other vitamins in the body; help regenerate the bacteria necessary for digestion in the gut, often used simultaneously or after a course of treatment with antibiotics, or when the intestinal bacterial disorder. This nutrient also has effects on the skin, hair and nails.


In a recent study, Professor Nguyen Lan Dung said that beer contains very high protein content, from 9.5% to 11%. Thus, a beer that is added to the body a very high protein content. It is important not just from the beer complement proteins but also by the vitamin. It is the vitamin in yeast we used yeast called. Vitamins are the basic components make up the enzyme.

Forbes also reported on 17/3/2008 at page, based on a number of scientific studies, Allison Van Dusen authors also pointed out the useful effect of beer. It is healthy to drink beer helps reduce blood clots risk, reduce aging, prevent cardiovascular disease deaths, increased intelligence, decreased Alzheimer’s, strengthens bones, reduces diabetes complications.

But you should remember that to have a healthy beer is to drink properly, is responsible for a healthy liver can only handle 330ml beer (volume of a can of beer) in one hour. At the same time, drinking irresponsibly would also affect health, especially those who took the liver, bile, stomach … Beer has cardiovascular benefit, promote better blood circulation but drinking large quantities of beer in a short time will cause varicose veins and heart charm, which experts called X-ray-beer heart syndrome, do muscle pumping function can decline. Not to mention, people drinking beer in traffic that can cause traffic accidents.

In addition, responsible drinking beer also brought together with the selection of quality beers guaranteed. Discusses the competitive quality of the Vietnamese beer brands, standing in view of manufacturers – Le Hong Xanh, executive director of marketing for the Corporation of shares of beverage alcohol Saigon – SABECO share ” the beer brand is fiercely competitive, therefore, to take a firm position, the beer prior to consumers must test carefully and ensure safety as well as health food . bia Saigon currently occupy 35% of Vietnamese consumer market next to the famous beer brands in the world. Products of the company’s 100% malt ingredients (without rice), is produced on line technology modern and advanced fermentation technology should have a long tradition of delicious and unique taste. ”

The beer is not bad, even with health benefits. However, the abuse of alcohol and alcoholic beverages excessively will cause many things are not good for social life and health of consumers. As recommended by Mr. Green, as well as whatever beer enjoying something, moderation, moderation is always something that we all need to pay attention. Beer properly is also a health benefit.

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