The Chinese are known for brewing from 5,000 years ago

The scientists found residue containing beer ceramics, demonstrates the Chinese already know how to cook beer from barley, millet and the course of 5,000 years ago.

Một mảnh vỡ bếp lò tìm thấy ở khu di chỉ Mijiaya có thể được dùng để đun nóng ngũ cốc nghiền lên men trong quá trình sản xuất bia. Ảnh: Fulai Xing.

A stove debris found at the archaeological zone Mijiaya can be used to heat the fermenting crushed grains in the brewing process

According to International Business Times, the research published today in the journal PNAS 26/4 indicate the ancient people living in the area Mijiaya, northwestern Shaanxi Province, China, have mastered technique and fermented beer brewed complex magazine. This is the first direct evidence shows that this technique has existed since Tuesday millennium BC.

In the course of archaeological excavations in Mijiaya 5,000 years, the scientists found two underground pits containing some artifacts and ceramics.

Three bowls discovered in the hall where the wide mouth jars unearthed include, funnels and amphora, all government yellow residue on the outside. According Jiajing Wang, a graduate student at Stanford University in California, USA, they are used in cooking segments, filtering and storage of the beer production process.

The team carried out three types of analysis to determine residues: chemical analysis, analysis of starch in order to determine the type of plant and biological analysis of silicon, hardware micro structures found in plant tissue after the decomposition tree.

Phễu để sản xuất bia tìm thấy ở Mijiaya. Ảnh: Jiajing Wang.

Buckets for brewing found Misaya. 

The scientists found a total of 541 starch granules from the wares. By combining multiple methods of analysis, they can discern traces of the grains and so different, including millet, Grain Sorghum, Barley and tubers. In addition, traces not only the integrity of the grain they had undergone heating, annealing and crushed for a long time.

According to study authors, to 5000 years ago, locals developed a complex fermentation method by composting and grinding various starch plants to create a mixture of beer with a special instrument.

The study also revealed at first, barley can be grown to produce beer for thousands of years before becoming a food crop agriculture in the region. Barley was domesticated in the western mainland Asia – Europe and then into China through the Central Asian steppes.

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