Oktoberfest beer festival history

Oktoberfest beer festival history


(German: Oktoberfest) was held on the Theresienwiese in Munich is the world’s largest festival, every year more than 6 million people to attend. The brewery in Munich produced a special beer ingredient malt and hops more (hence also higher alcohol content) for this festival.

Oktoberfest beer festival.

Oktoberfest was first held on 12 thangs 10 1810: On the occasion of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig is 1) and Princess Therese of Saxony cuar – Hildburghausen (hence the tenTheresienwiese-Wings Therese Council) organized a great horse race. The wedding was held on October 12, the race horse on October 17, so that the time difference is recorded.

Traditional festival opening in 1950: Oktoberfest kicked off with 12 gunshot salute and after closing taps incumbent mayor opened the first keg. The first mayor who opened keg was Thomas Wimmer.

The mayor opened the first keg of the festival.

The festival started to develop into a public festival in the world since the 1960s The Japanese, US and New Zealand’s first “discovery” festival month visualize and “tap beers” with people Bayern . Thanks to these people that the reputation of the city is spread around the world.

Enjoy beer festival.

Go to Oktoberfest, not only to enjoy the full flavor beer characterized by a land with a long tradition of brewing, visitors will be immersed in the festive atmosphere, enjoy the food, the music, dance, traditional painting, is watching the locals in traditional clothes impressive ….

The atmosphere at the festival fun.

Another problem is the number of annual youth has numerous self-assessment of their capabilities too high and too much alcohol. Many of them did not know what a drunk (known in German as the “beer corpses”). They were brought to the medic’s room in the Red Cross Service Center. Here these people are monitoring, treatment or waiting for sober. In case of need they can be moved to the nearby hospital.

The drunk youths in festival.

A tragic day in the history of Oktoberfest is September 26 1980. On this day, at 22 hours 19 minutes, a bomb exploded at the main gate of the festival. The bomb is a hollow mortar rounds, were filled with 1.39 kg of TNT back and hidden in a fire extinguisher. 13 people were killed and over 200 injured, including 68 who bring serious injury. According to the official investigation said the Gundolf Köhler in Donaueschingen, a far-right isolated socially proceeded to blast. Results of the investigation are suspected from many different perspectives.

Besides the tents selling beer at Oktoberfest has about 200 different games. The majority of this game has been on the Plain of the 19th century Communist Therese added the old games are still popular, every year there are more new games with the most modern techniques.

Giant wheel

Giant wheel was installed in 1880 and at this point has a height of 12 m. Today the giant wheel with a height of 50 meters is one of the attractions is the best known, ridership can be seen covering the festival field.

Giant wheel.

Roller coaster.

Roller coaster (roller coaster) Olympia Looping roller coaster rig is the largest mobile world with year round glide over 1,250 m long haul. Euro-Star is inverted rollercoaster (inverted coaster) with the prescription is mounted on the bottom rail.

Roller coaster.

Pitt Death Wall

Pitt Death wall is basically a large round wooden tube with a diameter of about 8 m and a height of about 8 meters also dedicated to performing motor running. Due to the modern motor so it is not appropriate to use the motorcycles of the ’20s and 30’s of last century. Enterprises were present at the Oktoberfest since 1932.

Popular festivals everywhere from China to Chile, from New Zealand to Finland, which is known all over the world at sea and about 3,000 other beer festivals around the world took it as a prototype. Here, you will meet travelers from the US or Japan, even far away from Australia for more than 20 hours to the flight. And no wonder if sometimes you also see some of Vietnamese. In Germany there are many people who live in Vietnam and they are also quite liked the crowded gatherings as in this beer festival.

Beer Festival is growing worldwide.

After nearly two centuries, the Oktoberfest still occur with greater scale, annually gives the city of Munich tens of thousands of jobs and billions of euros.

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